kitchen with large center island and six metal stools

Stellar Success Stories

"...a builder who we could finally trust..."

5 yellow stars
“Finding the right builder was our primary concern. Many builders claim to build quality custom homes but very few can deliver. Also, we wanted a builder who had the experience building homes of unique styles and someone who will be hands-on. At the end of the day, we wanted a builder who we could fully trust, someone with passion for building, someone who is honest and will not take short cuts, and someone we could easily work with. We went through at least three other high-end, well-known area home builders before selecting PSH.

In any new endeavor, it takes time to get to know each other, especially when building a new home which can be physically and emotionally draining. Mike Piccirillo not only understands all the complexities that go into building a custom home, but he is also a real ‘craftsman’ which really helps when it comes to selecting and building custom features for the kind of home we wanted to build. It’s all in the details and Mike is a stickler for details which is apparent to anyone who visits our home. PSH has the passion for building unique homes and that shows in the final product. Aside from his great building skills, we found Mike to be one of the most honest people we have ever met – hard to find in construction/contracting business.”

We couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and our new home PSH built for us is beyond description.”

— The Motiwala Family
"...completely unique..."

5 yellow stars
“From the oversized kitchen window to the Brazilian tiger wood floors, you know it’s definitely the work of Piccirillo Signature Homes. Michael shared his insights with us, and created a home that’s completely unique—and exactly what we wanted. It’s big and open, with a contemporary design and a modern feel, and we also integrated some of my family’s history: PSH was able to use my grandmother’s heirloom door for our front entrance. They really know what they’re doing—you can see the quality of their craft throughout the building process. We stayed within budget, and were even able to splurge…”

— The Dilberto Family
“...a hands-on builder who stays involved from start to finish...”

5 yellow stars
“This was a complex new build because it involved not only building a new custom home, but also orchestrating several other important phases, such as running utilities to the new home site and demolishing the existing home. Piccirillo Signature Homes was able to advise and assist us on getting those important tasks accomplished. PSH had access to the best, top-quality talent for various phases of the project. Because this was a custom-designed home, many of the important details were determined during the construction process. PSH was able to advise us on the best materials and features to enhance the quality and style of our new home. PSH also saved us a significant amount of money on the total construction costs because of their experience and knowledge of where to get the best value for the money.

Building a high-quality, custom home requires a hands-on builder who stays involved from start to finish and cares about his clients’ happiness and satisfaction. It also requires someone who takes pride in his work—Mike Piccirillo is that builder.”

— The Gabriele Family

“...we saw the high quality of workmanship...”

5 yellow stars
“We watched “from afar” as our new home was being built: we saw the high quality of workmanship, and followed the progress as it was being completed. We actually visited several times while it was under construction, and we saw many features that convinced us the home was right for us! Our house has the extra touches that showed Piccirillo Signature Homes had put more into it than the average builder. It demonstrated to us that there is a lot of pride in the work they do. So for the same amount of money, we got extra detail, and definitely more character than other homes. The clincher was the Brazilian cherry floor—we immediately loved the uniqueness, which was reinforced by the stair railings. We were also impressed by the details in the kitchen, such as the central vacuum system, the tiled backdrop on the stove, and the unique molding above the stove. The bathroom was different and unlike any we had seen before … we also really liked the lighting in the master bedroom. Michael should be very proud of this new house. He did a very good job designing and building it—I’m an interior designer and I was impressed”

— The Cartwright Family
a great craftsman and a great businessman”

5 yellow stars
“During our search and site development process, we went through four builders before we discovered Piccirillo Signature Homes. After we stopped at their open house, we knew we had found the builder for us! Michael was great—he gave us solid advice on clearing the land, too. Other builders may have been good craftsmen, but they were horrible businessmen. Michael is a great craftsman and a great businessman. He used high-quality fixtures on our house: you could see the quality of the house as it was being built, from start to finish. When PSH hooked us up with suppliers, they were just as professional and as pleasant to deal with as them. Piccirillo Signature Homes did a wonderful job, and even offered ideas that would save us money. I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen to build a house through PSH!”

— The Lehman Family

The extra details reflected the care...”

5 yellow stars
We’re originally from California, and we’ve lived in six different houses in the last eight years. When we needed to relocate to upstate New York and researched homes within our price range, compared to California. Our Internet search yielded over 100 homes—from old mansions on East Ave to young and modern houses to new custom-built homes. We bookmarked one PSH built home, which was a favorite: the pictures intrigued us early on. After visiting about 30 homes, we decided we wanted a newer home. We were looking for efficiency and quality, so we went with newer construction. When we finally saw the PSH home in person, we could tell it was a quality home. This is one of those homes where you know you aren’t settling. The extra details reflected the care that was taken in building this beautiful  home. What did we love most about it?

Large kitchen: with tigerwood floors, a six-burner stove, and a generous island. We also liked the flow from the kitchen to the breakfast room to the exquisite dining room.
Roomy bathrooms: Complete with a huge, walk-in shower and tile that looks like terrazzo. I LOVE my shower!
Attractive landscaping: The back windows face the yard, and the beautiful trees left in the back after he cleared the land. They give us added privacy: we don’t feel like we’re sharing a backyard with the neighbors behind us.
High windows: A higher window height affords us additional privacy, which we enjoy.
Airy washroom: Even the design of the washroom had a good use of space, rods, and shelving.

Overall, Piccirillo Signature Homes was very responsive—and while I don’t plan to move again, if I did, I would go through PSH again. And I would refer friends and colleagues to PSH.”

— The Petzar Family