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About Us

With over 30 years in the custom home construction business, Piccirillo Signature Homes has grown to become a sought after luxury home builder.

Attracting discerning buyers that have an appreciation for living in an environment surrounded by quality, innovation and style with distinct personal touches, PSH integrates each important element to fabricate extraordinary luxury homes.

Founder Michael Piccirillo, President of Piccirillo Signature Homes, is originally from upstate New York where he enjoyed building beautiful homes across the Finger Lakes region, to the far North with spectacular waterfront homes in Western New York.

Michael discovered his passion for creative building at an early age. Coming from a family of meticulous Italian craftsmen, artisans, and builders, it is no surprise his work reflects an unwavering attention to detail. After years of mastering home construction, Michael grew to be a well-established luxury home builder in the area with an exceptional expertise.

His range of delighted home customers also grew and brought creative building opportunities elsewhere, such as the growing niche areas in Denver, Colorado. With a desire to design and build a higher level of modern luxury homes, he expanded the PSH business in select areas of Colorado with unique home builds unlike ever completed before. Unique, personalized features are integrated throughout many of the new modern builds with ultra-sleek design, artistry details, and innovative materials for optimal efficiencies.

Catching the eye of many prospective home buyers, PSH unique luxury homes are growing in demand as savvy home buyers are also seeking more value for their home investments.

Michael Piccirillo

President  &
Master Builder


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